Georgia’s Jack Kingston Becomes First Pledge Signer, Will Work to Save Our Healthcare

Jack KingstonToday, Congressman Jack Kingston became the first candidate for U.S. Senate to sign onto the Save Our Healthcare 2014 Candidate Pledge. We’d like to thank him for his courage and his commitment to reform.

Too often, candidates campaign on slogans. But we believe you can’t beat something with nothing, which is why …
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Where Does Your Candidate Stand?

SOTUSince the launch of the Save Our Healthcare Project earlier this year, we’ve worked to build public support for a series of patient-centered health reforms to replace Obamacare.

In that time, over 350,000 Americans have joined us, and 2014 is our opportunity to elect a new class of leaders who will work to …
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Part Five: Empowering the States

Our health is the most personal and important thing we possess, and its care must be under our control. Where there is a role for government, we should look to empower those governments that are closest to the people.

As currently administered by Washington, D.C., our healthcare entitlement programs have grown too unresponsive to doctors …
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Part Four: Leveraging Science & Technology

If we are to replace Obamacare and truly save our healthcare, we must unleash America’s scientists and innovators who will lead us to better cures and longer, happier, healthier lives.

By encouraging the merging of communications technology and medical science, and reforming or disbanding the government agencies stifling innovation, we can create a new system …
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Part Three: Access for Every American

There is a small percentage of Americans with pre-existing conditions, complex medical problems, and developmental disabilities who have challenges engaging with our healthcare system.

This is a problem we can solve by letting the free-market work for vast majority of Americans, and encourage specific, targeted solutions for the highest-cost and most vulnerable.

America is a responsible, caring …
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