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Part One: Personal Accounts, Personal Control

It’s clear Obamacare isn’t working. We’d like it gone. But you can’t beat something with nothing, and going back to the status quo is not acceptable either.

The goal of the Save Our Healthcare Project is to build support for a series of positive health reforms to replace Obamacare, and help to elect, in 2014, a new class of leaders in Washington who will work to implement them.

We begin today by announcing the Save Our Healthcare “Remedy for a Free & Healthy America,” our simple, 5-step plan to replace Obamacare. Because we want people to have the time to learn about and discuss our proposals, we will be releasing our plan as a 5-part video series over the coming weeks.

Below, you can watch Part One: Personal Accounts, Personal Control.

For more on the benefits of expanding access to personal Health Savings Accounts, we suggest checking out these articles by the Mayo Clinic and the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism.