President’s Letter

Dear fellow Americans:

If you believe the American Dream is bigger and more powerful than any president, party or politician-you’re right.

If you believe the solution to rising energy prices, out of control federal deficits, looming inflation and staggering unemployment is to unleash the American entrepreneur and get government out of the way – then American Legacy PAC is in your corner.

In order to get America back on the right track, we as conservatives need to start talking about what we are for, not just what we are against.

And that’s why I made the decision to start the American Legacy PAC. I’m a business owner whose daily interactions have kept me on the fringes of politics for years. Now I simply can’t sit on the sidelines any longer-for the sake of my children and one day my grandchildren.

American Legacy PAC is about the American story-the traditions, foundations and “can do” spirit that have been passed down to tens of thousands of Americans just like you. Americans who believe these stories weave the fabric of America, the greatest country in the world.

Right now, politicians who believe the greatness of America is defined by an over-reaching and punitive federal government are destroying this fabric.

American Legacy PAC has an aggressive and ambitious plan to restock Washington with proven winners and leaders – unapologetic conservatives who understand the foundations of American exceptionalism and more importantly – how to produce results, not empty promises.

As I travel around this great country doing what it takes to run a successful company, I am able to meet with real Americans who are sick and tired of the “business as usual” mentality coming from our leaders in Washington. They are eager for change.

Now is the time to put our government back in the hands of the people who love America and its legacy more than personal power. We need solutions from our leaders in Washington and we need to demand a game-plan to make America the envy of the world once again.

History will judge our generation on the outcome of this battle. Will we, who have been given so much, allow our legacy to be ripped from our hands and the hands of our children and grandchildren, or will we preserve and protect that legacy by standing up to the politicians who have led us down a path of mediocrity? If you’re like me, you already know the answer…

I need patriots like you on our team as we restore the American Dream. Will you join me in the fight to protect our American Legacy?


Mike Murray

 & Founder
American Legacy PAC