What We Believe

We deserve better. Today, we are witnessing the result of decades of work by our elites to chip away at the pillars of American exceptionalism. The American Legacy left to us by our parents and grandparents is in grave danger. American Legacy PAC stands in defense of America’s Legacy for our children and grandchildren. We must fight to defend the America we love—and the upcoming election is the biggest battle in that fight.

In The News

Obama Makes ‘Amnesty’ Joke at Turkey Pardon  President Obama made an amnesty joke at the annual turkey pardon today at the White House. He also, as a joke, used the same language he used to justify his executive amnesty order talked about the legal authority he had to pardon the turkey, which is traditionally done by presidents the day before Thanksgiving.

Podcast: How Should Congress Respond To Obama’s Amnesty?  THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with staff writer Jay Cost on President Obama’s executive amnesty and how Congress should respond.

The Conservative Opportunity  Democrats lost white voters without college degrees—a big chunk of the middle class and an important swing vote—by huge margins this month. Why?