American Legacy PAC is about preserving the American story

The American Legacy PAC was formed as an independent organization to help re-establish and protect the American Legacy of individual freedom, personal responsibility and unapologetic opportunity. We will support federal candidates for Congress, Senate and the Presidency who share those values.

American Legacy PAC promotes a vision for America’s future based on the following ideals:

  • A government that is limited serves its people best
  • Tax reduction removes the harnesses of American productivity and is the clearest path to economic growth and stability
  • America’s economic strength derives from entrepreneurship and the free market
  • American exceptionalism is never to be apologized for
  • The American Legacy has been passed down from generation to generation through the strength of our families and our values

Our Mission and Objectives

American Legacy PAC stands for the foundations of freedom that make this nation the greatest in the history of the world.

American Legacy PAC works to:

  • Defend, aggressively and passionately, the legacy that was given to us by our parents and grandparents, so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same America we have.
  • Identify and support only true conservative capitalist candidates for office—and hold them accountable.
  • Fight to put an immediate end to out-of-control federal spending, bailouts and hand outs and reinstitute the conservative free market principles as the only means to pull America out of our financial mess.
  • Tell the truth about the enemies America faces rather than appeasing enemies determined to destroy us.
  • Support candidates who demand a strong national security and national defense policy that protects every American, secures our borders and protects American liberty across the globe.